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Pride (The Elite Seven #2)(11)
Author: J.D. Hollyfield


Who the fuck is this chick?

My raging hard dick doesn’t care. It’s been years since it’s seen any sort of pussy or action other than my fist. The last one being Dahlia. Buried rage resurfaces, and I grab her wrist, squeezing a bit harder than I should. Still, she doesn’t seem fazed by my actions. Only more turned on.

“Feisty. Exactly what I need. So, what’s it gonna be, handsome?” She licks her lips, and my dick twitches in my jeans. I’ve never been with someone like her. Her crude mouth. Her lips that would wrap perfectly around my cock as she deep throats me until I explode down her throat. “I see the want in your eyes. Don’t deny yourself. It’s just a night of harmless fun, filled with excessive sin.”




The last of her words are cut short. I squeeze her wrist and tug her out of her chair into my lap. The mention of sin boils my blood. She has no idea the true meaning of it. She wants to take me for a ride and act unfazed by the dangers sin can bring. I dip my mouth low, skimming along her neck. Her scent of cherries overpowers my sanity, and I take a nip at her earlobe. “You’re playing with fire,” I growl low, and I’m rewarded by the vibration of her trembling body.

She leans back, and our eyes connect. “I’m already burning inside, so we better get out of here.”

I slam the door shut of the scummy motel and toss her onto the bed. She laughs, and my dick thickens. If I wasn’t so determined to fuck her ‘til my dick falls off, I’d beg to just lay here with her and make her laugh until I found peace and sleep took me. Instead, I prowl over to her. She’s kicking off her black heeled boots, and in the process, I get a nice view right up her tight mini dress. No fucking underwear.

I didn’t realize how starved I was for the touch, taste, and fuck of a real woman until now. I can’t wait a second longer to put my tongue to her clit and suck the first of many orgasms out of her. I grab her bare legs and tug her to the bottom of the bed. Her cute little squeal has my smile growing in anticipation of the rest of the sexy little sounds she’ll make when I get down to business. I thrust her dress up her thighs, threatening to lose myself just from the feel of her smooth skin. I tell myself to slow down. As hungry as I am, I don’t want to fucking blow one before I even get started.

My knees hit the floor, and I position my head between her thighs. She sighs in approval and I spread her legs wider. A flicker of my tongue has her withering under my touch, my own body buzzing at the sweet taste of her. It’s been too long. I need more. But I know I need to slow down. Gain control. I extend my tongue back against her lips, and with a slow rhythm, I lick her pussy, steadily sucking her lips into my mouth and tasting absolute heaven.

“Hey, Casanova, no need to play nice down there.”

Damn this chick. So much for trying to make this last. I bite her clit and shove my tongue into her opening, sounds of sexual pleasure fill the air. In and out, I tongue-fuck her, feeling drunk. From the tequila or the taste and feel of her, I’m not sure. My cock is rock hard, and my balls are tight as fuck wanting to release years’ worth of pent up sexual aggression.

“Oh God, yes. Your tongue is amazing,” she moans, riding faster against my face. “But is that all you got? I was hoping for a guy with no manners—shit!”

She has no idea who she’s messing with. Challenging me. Tempting me. I wasn’t curious or adventurous with Dahlia. We were young and still learning one another. But right now, my mind lets loose all the fantasies I’ve held on to while locked up. The darkness. The dirty thoughts. I pick up the pace with my tongue and shove two fingers inside her. She giggles at my move, which pisses me off. I pull out and thrust into her hard, until my knuckles breach her opening. Her whimpers of pleasure satisfy me, but I need more. I need to take more. I pull one finger out, lubricated by her fluids, and reach behind to her back hole. Smearing juices between her ass cheeks to get her ready, I wait for her to squirm, and deny me, but she shows no sign of refusal. This dirty girl wants me to ravage her there. Pre-cum drips from my cock at the thought of my finger, even my cock, being inside her, fucking her tightness.

She begins to wiggle, encouraging me to get on with it, and I insert my finger into her ass.

“Fuck,” she bites down on her lip, and I grunt low with my own arousal. I continue with my tongue as my fingers work her front and back hole. It doesn’t take much more until she begins thrashing under my hold and comes all over my tongue.

I don’t stop though. It may take an army to pull my tongue away from her swollen cunt. I could lap at the taste of her for a lifetime. Licking her orgasm clean, I want to get her worked up all over again. Lather my tongue with her juices over and over. But the little spitfire doesn’t allow it. Sitting up, she untangles her body from under me and jumps off the bed. Her hands are at my belt buckle and my jeans are down and her mouth is around my dick before I know it.

“You’re bigger than I thought. My lucky day,” she hums, licking at the tip of my dick. Opening wide, she brings it so far back, I swear I hit the back of her throat. Don’t fucking blow, I coach myself. This is heaven and hell at the same time. And I was right. Her lips do look perfect wrapped around my cock. She sucks me off like a champ, her lips wet and inviting. I grab the back of her head and work her head back and forth, loving the view of her beautiful face as it bobs back and forth. Fuck, this is insane. The coke high is gone, but this new high she has me on is way fucking better. Dark thoughts filter inside my mind of where I want to take this. She may be little, but that won’t stop me. I plan on fucking her all night, hard and ruthless.

Saliva starts dripping from her chin as she cups my balls. I know I’ve finally lost and pull at her hair, letting her know I’m about to come. She fights my warning and bobs faster, taking me even deeper. “Oh fuck. I’m gonna come.” I give her one last warning, but she only hums and works me harder. It’s when she starts to hum that I explode, filling her mouth.

She doesn’t stop until she’s worked me clean. She makes a popping sound as she releases me and stands. “Well…that was fun.” She takes her thumb and wipes at her bottom lip. I slowly pull my pants back up and start to tuck myself back in my jeans when she turns and grabs for her purse.

What the…? “That’s all you got?” I say, disappointed. Clearly just a tongue fuck was all she wanted. She bends down and digs into her bag, pulling out a bunch of—

“Shit, those sex toys?” I ask, shocked.

“Oh, these things?” She dangles a set of handcuffs and some sort of clamps in her hand. “These are what I like to call ice breakers.”

Jesus, I’m not sure if I should run or just fell in love.

She makes her way back to me, her movement slow and seductive. Her fingers still holding the cuffs and with each step, they clink together, heightening my senses. Fuck, the images floating in my head right now are anything but innocent. “Exactly what do you plan on doing with those?” I ask, wanting her to feed my fucked-up fantasy.

“That’s up to you. I’m a giving girl. The darkness in your eyes, I imagine you have some ideas.”

Not good ones. I want to take those cuffs and subdue her. Make her beg. Take my heavy palm to her ass. Fuck her until she screams my name over and over.

“I’m yours to play with. What do you want?”

I step forward, snatching her wrist. My fingers dig into her flesh and she almost drops the cuffs. “I think you’re a reckless little girl who shouldn’t taunt strangers.” I yank her into me, our chests colliding, enjoying the way her perfect tits press against me. I shouldn’t go along with this, but she wants me to treat her this way. Be her punisher. The way her eyes flare with intense desire tells me, this is exactly how she wants to be treated.

I whip her around and grab her hips, thrusting my stone hard cock in between her ass cheeks. Her moan proves just what a naughty girl she is.

“Are you gonna tie me up and spank me?” she taunts me with her sweet ass, rubbing her plump cheeks into me. I don’t reply but take my hand and crack it against her right cheek. She jolts forward, and her hoarse whimper satisfies me. The pleasure that shoots down my spine into my balls is nothing I’ve ever experienced. Never have I laid a hand on someone, nor has it felt so fucking euphoric. I grind into her again with another hard smack to her ass. This time her whimper is coated with hums of pleasure. She loves this. And so do I.

“Climb on the fucking bed,” I order, and she does as she’s told. Her mini skirt rides up her milky thighs and I get the perfect view of her glistening cunt. She knows she’s giving me a view when she makes it to the top of the bed and bends her head down lifting her ass in the air. I’m fighting not to pull my cock out and stroke myself until I come all over her ass.

My head is spinning.

This girl has me all out of sorts. She twists her head to speak to me. “I don’t need a savior. I need a punisher—tie me up and fuck me hard.”

Jesus, my balls just shot into my stomach. My eyes blur. I’m not even sure I can do this. When I don’t immediately jump to her offer, she drops the cuffs on the bed. Her hand slides down her belly, and she begins playing with herself. Her fingers rub in a circular motion over her wet lips, and I can’t help but grab my cock as I watch one finger slide in. “I want this to be your finger inside me. Fucking me. Your tongue, then hopefully your cock. My nipples ache for those clamps to bite into my skin as you fuck me, hurt me, destroy—”

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