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Pride (The Elite Seven #2)(12)
Author: J.D. Hollyfield

A growl, unnatural to me, erupts up my chest. I crawl up the bed, grab her hips, and rip her finger from inside her, pulling her arm behind her back. She whimpers in pain, but I’m in a daze. I bend forward, and my mouth wraps around her soaked finger, sucking every last drop of her arousal.

“This what you want? A stranger to fuck you? Hurt you? Can’t stop picturing my cock in your mouth again. Your ass. That what you want, Lyra?” I almost blow calling her that name.

“Yes,” she pants, and I’m done holding back. I reach forward and grab the cuffs and tie her to the bed post. She wants it rough, so I’ll give it to her. I work my way back down her body, tearing away at her dress. The thin material rips easily, exposing her smooth pale skin and perfect tits. Just picturing her small nipples in between those clamps has me licking my lips, the taste of her still coating them. In a different life, I’d lie here and savoir her, but it’s not tonight. Nor ever. Tonight is about letting go of some deep aggression. Tonight, I plan on crossing a line, and I’m damn sure I’ll enjoy it.

“Say another word and I’ll gag you with my cock to shut you up,” I order, and her head turns. There’s no doubt she wants to disobey. Naughty girl. I’m going to destroy her.

I jump off the bed and undress. My heavy cock springs from my jeans, ready and aching, and I grab a condom from the pile lying next to the clamps. I can’t help but stroke myself a few times after sliding it down my cock. Snagging the clamps, I work my way back onto the mattress and flip her. Her arms twist, but not enough to cause pain. Her eyes are fogged over as she stares at me in anticipation.

“You have beautiful tits,” I compliment as I open the clamp and close it around her left bud. Her chest rises and falls in small pants as I clamp the right one. “Gonna have to fuck you between these sexy things later.”

“Hope you do.”

Fuck, she’s like a dream come true. I grab a handful of her breast and squeeze until the blood flow turns her nipple a dark shade of maroon. “I told you not to talk. I’ll not only fuck you in your mouth to shut you up, I’ll gag you with my cum.”

A normal girl would shudder at the thought. The indecency of the degrading act. Not this girl. Her eyes set on fire. I’d be giving her something she wants. I shake my head in disbelief at the luck that fell into my lap with this girl, a small smile breaching, then flip her back around.

I can’t wait any longer to get inside her. My hands ache to crush her hips between my fingers. Grabbing each side, and without warning, I buck into her, thrusting her a few inches up the bed. “Fuck. You’re so tight this way. Are you as naughty as you say you are? Or innocent and want to be bad?” I taunt, pulling out and slamming back inside. I’m rough—ruthless each time I pull her wet cunt off me and crash back inside her. She feels like heaven. Tight around me, warm and slick. The sounds spewing from her lips are music to my ears, a plethora of pleasure I’m igniting inside her. One after another, I pound into her, bending forward so my hand can reach out and squeeze the clamp tighter. She buckles under me, and I ride her faster. Her insides start to crush around me, and since she wants me to be the bad guy, I pull out before she reaches her orgasm.

“Oh god, why are you—”

I smack her ass so hard, she skids up the bed. “No fucking talking,” I growl, then take her hips and pull them up so her ass is high in the air. I turn over onto my back and crawl under her, until my mouth is over her nipples. “Can’t stop thinking about these.” I pluck one clamp off. She cries in pleasure, and I cover her bruised nipple with my mouth, swirling my tongue around her swollen bud.

“More. Fucking more,” she pants, and I rip the other one off and suck her into my mouth. I told her ass not to talk, but I don’t have it in me to fucking care. My dick is pulsating, needing back inside her. Her legs are giving way as her hips begin to slide down, her slippery cunt rubbing against my stomach. When she starts rubbing herself on me, I lose it.

Grabbing her little body, I place her above my cock, then slam her down on me, over and over, until my eyes begin to squeeze closed. She’s purring like a little feline, the sweet sounds of ecstasy fucking me up. My balls tighten, and I work her pussy harder, faster, until a scream, high and orgasmic, breaks through and she death squeezes around me.

I try to catch my breath, but with the booze, coke, and the fucking ride she just gave me, I feel like I’m gonna have a heart attack as her small frame collapses on top of me.

I’m not sure what to say. Or do. Thank her for giving me the best sex of my god damn life? Get up and leave? The problem is, I’m far from done. My appetite for her just got a sample, and now, I’m starved. I flip her, bringing her back to the mattress, trying not to snap her still contained wrists.

She’s wearing a carefree smile.

“What’s that look for?” I instantly waver on my feet with uncertainty. Was I not good enough? Does she want more?

“Oh, nothing. Pleased you passed round one. I have a full bag of goodies over there. If you’re up for it, I say we move on to round two.”

It’s settled.

I’ve fallen in love.

One week later…

The rain refuses to let up as I make my way back to the biker bar for the second time this week. Lillian just gave me Rhett’s, or Lust’s, task. I showed up at my place after a long day of shit classes and Lillian was in the apartment waiting for me. She handed me the card, wearing her signature smile as she forced me to read it. I didn’t want to know what The Elite was asking of him, but Lillian demanded I did anyway. Disgust filled me as I saw her own stepdaughter’s name on the card. She wanted me to know what tasks people were willing to do for power. Her words are still ringing in my ears.

“People strive to be invisible, Mason. They want to know they are better than the person next to them. And they may not admit, but everyone is willing to sell a piece of themselves to thrive above.”

I told her she was wrong. I’d rather be poor and have nothing than deceive and betray to get ahead. But then she reminded me I was exactly that person. I would hand out each task regardless of whose life would be destroyed in the end. My pride would make sure of it. And in some sick way, she was right. These guys—some of them anyway—seemed like they would do anything to join The Elite. Little do they know the destruction it will cause.

I’m about to jump out of my car when my phone dings. Whoever it is can wait as I reach for the door handle. Right now, I need to drink until I forget. The rain suddenly picks up, slashing against my window, and I pause taking the extra moment to catch a glimpse at the screen in case it’s Evelyn. She was beside herself with worry when I met up with her the day after our first Elite meeting. I told her I would come back that night and never did. I got too fucked up and literally fucked instead. The pain in my stomach returns. I just got my sister back, and I’m already letting her down. I swore to her it was never going to happen again. Instead of Evie’s name, it’s a text from Lillian.

Cunt Griffin: Not so fast. You were given a chore my little pet. Be a good boy and do as you’re told.

My fists slam into the steering wheel. How the fuck does she know…

My phone dings again.

Cunt Griffin: 14 Manchester Ave. Apartment 45. Get to work.


I’m walking across campus to my first class. The early morning sun is like a fire beam shooting into my eye sockets and I’m tired as fuck. The address Lillian gave me last night ended up being Gluttony’s, or God, the name he goes by. All the brothers were there, including Rhett. She sent me there for a reason, but I couldn’t go through with it yet. Instead, I got fucked up and drank until my mind spun with so much booze, the only thing I cared about was partying with my newly found brothers. The night was a blur, but I had to admit one thing. I was starting to like these guys. Really give a fuck what happens to them. Reconnecting with Micah has been unreal, but he’s clearly been through some shit since our time apart. Same went for Sloth, Wrath, and Envy, who all, no doubt were fighting their own demons.

Then, there’s Rhett. He came off as a real genuine guy. Not someone who would do what he’s going to be tasked to do. The more I got to know him, the deeper I shoved the card into my back pocket. He seemed intense about joining The Elite, but would he risk hurting someone for it? Maybe it was the booze, but last night I pinged him as someone who wouldn’t. And when I find the courage to hand his task over, it won’t surprise me when he cashes in his coin. A get-out-of-jail coin for each member if they decide they can’t stomach their task, or a favor only The Elite can make go away. If they cash it in, they don’t get to back out of their second task. They don’t follow through, then they’re expelled as candidates.

I’m just about to pass the student center when my phone goes off in my pocket. I dig for it and Lillian’s name lights up my screen. I’m about to let it go to voicemail, but her evil warning rings in my ear about the consequences if I don’t answer when she comes beckoning.

“Yes, queen bitch?” She may have me by the balls, but I refuse to bow down to her.

“Oh, kinky. I like it. Maybe you can call me that at our next meeting. You know I can please you and you’d love it. Or is your pride still getting in the way?” She laughs, and chills of hate and disgust run through my veins.

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