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Scandalous 2 (Scandalous #2)(12)
Author: H.M. Ward

Chapter 20


Later that night, as we get ready for bed in the cottage, Jack asks me, "So, this Jeremy guy - "

I'm putting on a piece of lingerie I found at a cute shop in the village. It was easy to see what it looked like in the store, but now I'm having trouble getting into it. Jack thinks I'm brushing my teeth. "He was my boyfriend, freshman year of college."

Jack's voice carries through the door. "And...?" he prompts.

"And nothing. We dated for a little while, but he didn't get into my panties, if that's what you're asking, Mr. Gray. We parted ways."

"So, I'm the only guy who's gotten into those panties?" he asks. There's a hopeful wistfulness to his voice.

I step into the room and Jack's jaw drops. His eyes slip over my body, drinking me in like he can't get enough. The piece of lingerie is nothing but shiny, strategically draped, red strings. It gives the illusion of concealment, but he can see right through it. It's shaped like a bodysuit and dips between my legs, but again, that's only for show. I'm wearing red-lace topped thigh-highs and fuck-me-heels. I found something else in the shop that I thought he'd like, too. I put it on under the stringy piece of lingerie. It becomes more visible when I move.

Jack's gaze fixates on my br**sts, on the sparkling silver chain that connects to each nipple. Jack's eyes darken as he stares, unblinking. As I sashay toward him, I make sure that I sway my h*ps so that all the little strings sway and move with me. It mesmerizes Jack, and he doesn't speak. His lips are parted and if his chest wasn't moving up and down, I'd be worried.

"You're the only guy who's been in my panties, Mr. Gray. And you're the scoundrel that made me realize that I love being with you."

Jack laughs. "Scoundrel? What century are we in?" His entire face lights up, but his eyes can't part with my body.

I stop and throw out my hip, tapping my finger to my lips. I raise a brow at him. "What should I call you, then? Before you, I didn't think I'd like this so much. But you, you made me realize that it's so much more. Scoundrel seemed suiting."

"Maybe, if we were in eighteenth century Vienna. I think the modern term is 'sex god.' You know, someone so hot that they can't be resisted. Someone like me. Someone like you..."

I laugh at the thought. "You think I'm a sex goddess?"

"No, I know you're a sex goddess. You were going to tell me what else you liked before I rudely cut you off. And if you don't start walking toward me again, I may have to jump out of bed and come over there." Jack smiles wickedly at me.

I point at him and say, "Stay, you bad, bad man." Grinning hard, I start my slow walk again, finishing my derailed thought from earlier. "I like the way you look at me. I like the way these clothes make me feel, and I love the way it feels when you're inside of me."

Before Jack and I were together, I thought sex was just urges. It sounds stupid now, but I didn't know any better. The thought of being a slave to my own body made me feel like an animal, in a derogatory kind of way. Now I realize that it's just a part of who I am, and Jack is the perfect mate for me. He makes me feel so loved, that I can't think of anything else when I'm with him. Tonight, that's what I want. I want to chase away his demons, and mine, and just be together.

Jack's lips slip shut as his gaze lifts to my face. He's shirtless, wearing nothing but boxers below the sheet. A bit of dark stubble lines his cheeks, making those blue eyes as vivid as sapphires. When he speaks, Jack's voice wraps around me like velvet. "I want you so badly, Mrs. Gray. I'm torn between jumping up and grabbing you, bending over the bed, and f**king you madly; and just watching you walk toward me in that incredible lingerie. That outfit is such a tease." Breathing hard, Jack pushes himself up in the bed. Looking at his lap, I can tell how much he wants me. "Turn around. Let me see the back."

I smile at him and twist. The upper shoulders have draped strings that curve halfway down my back. From my waist to the small of my back, there's nothing but bare skin. Then the panties on this are killer. They have no bottom really. They're made from eight strings that attach at the waist. They cup my butt, showing off my curves, and attach to a silver clip at my waist.

Glancing over my shoulder at Jack, I say, "What do you think?" My ankles are crossed. I bend forward slightly, knowing that Jack's a tits and ass man. "Is it nice?"

The word seems to bring Jack back to himself. He climbs across the bed toward me, and pulls me to him. I gasp, not expecting it. My back presses into his chest. His hard length feels rigid against my back. His hands run over the outfit, feeling the silky strands and my warm skin. His fingers catch on the silver chain and it tugs gently, coaxing a soft moan from my lips. Jack's strong arm wraps across my chest, just above my br**sts.

Holding me, he whispers in my ear, "It's not nice, it's wicked. It's the sexiest thing I've ever seen. It makes me want you in every conceivable way."

My heart is pounding hard. Jack's muscular arms are corded tightly around me. One hand slips higher and presses gently against my throat. If someone else did that to me, I'd be afraid, but with Jack, it feels right. It feels like I'm his and he wants to possess me. I turn my face away from him, and his lips trail hot kisses down my neck. When I inhale, he holds me closer, tightening his hold on me.

Looking away from him, heart pounding wildly in my chest, I whisper, "I want to make you come in every conceivable way."

"Oh God, Abby." His voice is gravelly, like he can't control himself. He keeps one hand at my throat as the other slides over my body, feeling the fabric and flesh. His warm breath slips over my neck and my body reacts to him. Jack's scent, his smell, fills my head and I want to make him so high from lust that he forgets everything else. My senses are slipping. I feel the hot lust bubbling up from deep inside me. My intention had been that this would be for him, but I'm having trouble controlling myself.

We stand together, with his strong arms holding me in place as his lips devour my neck. My knees weaken, but Jack doesn't let me go. His arms tighten against my chest and around my waist. My heart is thundering inside my chest. Every inch of my skin is sensitive beyond reason. When he touches me with his lips, I can barely stand it. Jack holds me there, keeping me tightly pressed against him.

I lean back and Jack's h*ps shift. I feel his hard shaft through his boxers, pressing into my thigh. Leaning my head back, I moan his name.

Jack turns me toward him, and says, "Kneel." His bedroom voice is deep and rich. It sends lusty tendrils through my body. I fall to my knees, which puts his waist directly in front of me. Desire coils within me, tightening in my lower body. I stare at the boxers, wishing they weren't there. Jack steps away and when he returns, the shorts are gone. Jack's nak*d body lingers less than an inch from my face, and his beautiful, long hard shaft is even closer. I lick my lips, waiting for him to tell me what he wants. Breathing hard, I reach for him, but Jack doesn't let me. "No, Abby. Let me."

I glance up at him and take a deep breath. I want to feel his hot, soft skin on my lips. I want to taste his come. As I think about it, the place between my legs gets damp. Shifting my weight, I move my knees apart. Jack watches me before rubbing himself across my cheek. The skin is so smooth and Jack is so hard. I suck in a jagged breath, trying to be still. I repress every urge to turn my face and take him in my mouth. Jack repeats the movement on the other side of my face. As he moves the tip of his long, hard length across my cheek, I feel like I'm going to lose it. The place between my legs is throbbing gently and filling with damp heat. That one movement is such a tease, such a turn-on. I breathe hard and look up at Jack. He repeats the motion and I can barely stand it.

Every inch of me is filled with desire. I want him. I need to taste him. I plead, "Jack, please."

"Please, what?"

"Please let me suck you, let me taste you in my mouth. Please." I feel no shame in telling him what I want. Jack brushes the tip of his length over my lips and I tremble, wanting him so badly. My eyes are fixated on him, my mouth watering, thinking about how I'll kiss him when he lets me. Every touch he gives me makes me that much more aroused. I shift my knees again, trying to get closer to him.

Without saying anything, Jack tangles his fingers in my hair. "I love it when you do this," he breathes. Excitement courses through me. A rush of pleasure will be mine any moment. I watch as Jack moves his beautiful dick to my lips and pushes into my mouth.

He's so firm and hot. Pleasure fills me, pulsing gently between my legs. His length fills my mouth and I begin to suck. My tongue slides along him, wanting more of him in my mouth. My hands grip his butt and I try to coax more of him in, but Jack holds back. He taunts me, pushing half-way in and then pulling out. I suck and lick, wanting more, wanting him. My body throbs and my n**ples ache for his touch. I'd feel so much better if I could swallow him. I wonder if I can. He's so long, so thick. My fingers find his shaft and I guide him in deeper. Jack watches me as I do it, his mouth open in a little O, watching his dick slide in and out of my mouth. He shudders when he pulls out this time and I know he's close to coming.

When he pulls away, I breathe, "Come for me, Jack. I want to taste you." He shakes his head, like he has no intention of doing it, but I don't give him the choice. I suck harder and draw him back into my mouth. My hands grip his ass and I thrust his h*ps toward me. His shaft hits the back of my throat and I inhale, taking him entirely into my mouth. My tongue strokes him as I suck. When he's about to lose it, I do it again.

Jack moans. His fingers tangle in my hair, clutching my head. I guide him in and out, sucking and licking him as I take him all in. My face presses against the soft skin at the base of his shaft and I kiss it. Jack's composure cracks. He rocks his hips, pulling and thrusting into my mouth. My br**sts shake as he does it, tugging the nipple chain. I moan, and find I'm frantically clutching his ass, begging for more. Jack doesn't stop. He pushes harder and faster until he comes in my mouth. When that salty sweet treat hits my tongue, I feel the warm fluid fill my mouth and I swallow every last drop. Jack's ragged breaths become more noticeable as I gently lick him, milking every last drop from him. When I'm done, I look up at him and smile.

Jack pulls me into his arms and we fall back onto the bed. Pushing up on my side, I look down at him. "I love doing that."

Jack smiles at me. His chest rises and falls fast and he looks over at me. "I love when you do that."

I lean close to his ear. "No, I mean I really like doing that." I take his hand and guide it between my legs.

"Oh my God, you're wet." Turning toward me, Jack smiles. "Did you come?"

My eyes are locked with his. I avert my gaze and smile, coyly. "Maybe, a little bit." Before I can say anything else, Jack pulls me down to his mouth. He kisses me until my brains melt. For the rest of the night, Jack loves me until I'm completely spent and we fall into a blissful slumber.

Chapter 21-22

Chapter 21


Sunlight pours through the white curtains. I rub the sleep from my eyes and roll over looking for Jack. His space is empty and the sheets are cool. I pinch the bridge of my nose, hoping that he hasn't seen the news. I shower and dress, pulling on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and go to find him.

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