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Scandalous 2 (Scandalous #2)(4)
Author: H.M. Ward

Jack watches me do it, his eyes darkening. I remember his warning and part of me wants to know if he's serious. I'm smiling softly as I nibble at it, my eyes locked with his. Jack puts his spoon down and leans back in his chair. He watches me for a moment. I close my eyes and pass the little brush over my lips, inhaling deeply. My chest expands as it fills with air. The action turns me on. I'm thinking of him as I do it. When I glance at him again, it's through heavily lidded eyes.

Placing the little piece of chocolate down, I stand and walk around the table to Jack. The waiter appears and takes our plates, then is gone again. Jack's eyes watch me in that carnal way that makes my heart flutter. I mean to walk behind him and kiss his cheek, but Jack stops me. His hand juts out and reaches for my wrist. He pulls me toward him. I slip onto his lap and my question from earlier is answered. I can feel Jack's hard length beneath me. It makes my breath shudder.

Jack's dark eyes are all over my face and chest. They flick to my eyes and lips, down to my chest and back. He slips his hands around my waist and says, "That's better. We should have eaten dinner like this." Jack grins and holds me tighter, pressing the side of his face to my br**sts.

I tuck my hair behind my ear and cross my ankles. There are things I want to tell him, and the words that have been building inside of me start to spill out. "I love how well you know me. I love that you thought of this, that you did it for me. I love everything about you, Jack." I smile at him and press my lips to his. It's supposed to be a chaste kiss, something light, but it's not.

Jack's hands find my face and the kiss becomes hot and heavy. His tongue licks the seam of my lips and I can't deny him. I open my mouth and feel his tongue caressing me. Jack tastes like caramel and cream  -  sweet, like our dessert. The kiss deepens and I'm no longer aware of anything but Jack. Breathing hard, he breaks the kiss.

Jack's eyes search mine, asking me, telling me that he wants me. My heart pounds harder. I glance around, looking for the waiter, but he's gone. Jack takes my chin in his hand and turns my face back to him. "Abigail, I want you here, now. Do what you feel like doing. He's not coming back."

Public displays of affection freak me out. I don't know why they do, but they do. The idea of hav**g s*x in this room makes my pulse shoot up into stroke territory, but looking at Jack, I can't deny him. I know he wants this. There's part of him that he's been hiding, part that he seems reluctant to share, like he's afraid that he'll scare me away. I want to give this to him, but I'm terrified. When I look into his eyes, they flicker like blue flames. There's heat in his gaze, a carnal desire that I want to give in to. I want to be his, the way he wants. I want to be Jack's girl and do this for him. I know there have been others. The thought flashes through my mind. I want to give him everything. I can learn to be what he needs.

I stand and turn toward Jack, lifting one leg over his lap so that I'm straddling him when I sit back down. Jack's dark gaze is hard to deny. He places his hands on my knees and slips them up my legs slowly, feeling my curves. His eyes lock with mine as he does it, pushing my skirt higher and higher until it's mostly gathered at my waist and hanging down behind me. My heart pounds harder and harder, making it impossible to breathe normally. I suck in shaky breaths as he grips my thighs. I glance up at the door, worried that we'll be interrupted.

Gently, Jack takes my face between his hands. I look down at him. "Kiss me, Abby." He's telling me what he wants. I see it in his eyes, in the way he looks at me. There's more to Jack than I know, and I want to find out what's there. I just have to have enough guts to do it. I don't think I do. My heart is pounding in my chest, beating so hard that the only thing I hear is the roaring in my ears. This is a turning point. This is something I have control over, but fear swims in my stomach. I'm so nervous about the door. What if the waiter comes back? What if Jack's wrong and people walk in?

Jack's hot gaze slides over my face, burning a trail down my neck. When he lifts his lashes to watch me, I feel like he knows every thought in my head. This is new to me, but being prude isn't. I never liked the idea of doing anything romantic in public. It seemed wrong somehow, but now that I'm here on his lap with my skirt hiked up to my waist and Jack's strong hands on my thighs...I don't know what I want. I feel conflicted, like my mind is warring with itself. What's wrong seems right. I feel my preconceived thoughts shatter as I look into Jack's eyes. The endless pools of blue search my face, hoping.

That hope spills into me. I feel it surging through my veins as it pools in my chest. I don't think. I act. I do what feels right. I could take his hand in mine and lead him back to our room. Or...

Leaning in, I press my lips to his. Gently, I brush my mouth against Jack's. He remains utterly still. I won't back down. Fear twists inside me, but I don't let it consume me. I blink slowly, watching Jack's lips, wondering how far he wants to take this. Then I lean in and kiss him again. My lips brush over Jack's and he responds this time. His lips part and he lets me in. I taste his kiss, growing more excited. His hands rub my thighs as my lips are crushed against his. I take his face in my hands, making the kiss hotter, deeper, and more intoxicating.

Soon, I am not thinking about where I am or what we're doing. I remain on his lap, our bodies locked at our lips. Jack's hands pull me closer, forcing my legs to open farther. Then he runs his hands under my thighs and cups my butt, pulling me as close to him as I can get. It feels like a thousand butterflies have been set free inside of me, tickling every inch of my middle. I wiggle on his lap, trying to ease the feeling, but that only makes me moan. I feel him when I do that. I feel how much he wants me.

Every other thought vanishes from my mind, and it's only Jack and me. I close my eyes as the kiss continues, blocking out the room. I lose myself in the moment, allowing myself to feel Jack's hands on me without being worried that someone will walk in. My skin grows slick as the room gets hotter and hotter. When I come up for air, I suck it in and go back to his mouth. We're both breathing hard, and excitedly. Jack's hands slip over my h*ps and run over my body; I moan softly and toss my head back. It shoots jolts of electricity through my body. His touch on my skin is magic. I can't help it.

Jack's lips fall to my neck, where he leaves a sizzling wake of steaming kisses. I hold his head to my neck, tangling my fingers in his silky hair. I breathe in deeply, enjoying the way he makes me feel. My h*ps tilt and I rock against him, unable to control myself. I feel his hard length beneath me. I rock again and again, not thinking, just feeling.

Jack moans as his fingers slide under the strap of my dress. It slips off of my shoulder. He looks up at me with a beautiful smile on his face. I'm not wearing a bra. Jack grins at me, delighted. Jack touches me lightly at first, his fingers moving slowly over my curves, and rounding the tip of my nipple. I watch him through hooded eyes, my lips parted. Again, I wonder how far he wants to take this. I hope I can follow. Before I have more time to think, Jack's lips tear the thoughts away. The scatter like dust. His mouth returns to mine as his fingers cup my breast. His hand closes gently, feeling the fullness of my breast in his hand. He teases me, holding me and rubbing his thumb over my sensitive flesh. I suck in a surprised breath and tense in his lap, but his kiss eases me into it. I soon forget where I am. The only thing I feel is his wanting below me, pressing hard.

The way Jack touches me brings every inch of my body to life. His fingers tease my breast, drawing out my nipple, while his tongue teases my mouth. I'm lost in lust. My entire body tingles from top to bottom. A warm glow covers my skin, making it slick. I don't care where I am or what I'm doing. Jack's making me so hot that I can't think. My eyes no longer see clearly. Everything is covered in a lusty haze.

I rock against Jack's hips, harder this time, and break the kiss. I can't breathe. I feel so hot. The delicious sensations building inside of me make me arch my back as I rock against him. Jack frees my other breast and my dress drops to my waist, where it pools between us. Jack watches for my reaction. He's waiting for me to pull the dress back up to cover my nak*d chest, but I want his hands on me so badly. I burn for his touch. My skin is so hot, every inch is tingling, wanting to feel his hands.

When I can't stand it anymore, I beg, "Jack, please." Closing my eyes, I through my head back. It thrusts my chest forward, closer to Jack's face. At first I only feel the cool air, but then Jack pulls me to him. His hands slip around my back and find their way to my br**sts. He holds me, working the sensitive flesh in his hands. I breathe in loudly, trying to not scream out his name. Jack leans in close and I can feel his warm breath on my skin. Taking a nipple in his mouth, Jack sucks gently, nipping and pulling. His teeth graze my skin and then I feel the flick of his tongue. I gasp and he does it again. Every nip, every flick, drives me higher and higher. I hold onto his shoulders, rocking gently against his hips, wanting more - needing more - until I can't stand it.

Jack's other hand slips down my bare back and pulls my body closer to his mouth. My fingers tangle in his hair as he kisses my curves, sucking my breast. My head hangs back and I feel every inch of my body burning to have him. I need him between my legs. I want Jack inside of me. As if he can read my mind, Jack lifts me off his lap and sets me down on the table. Jack undoes his pants and frees his hard shaft while I sit topless on the table. Jack pushes his chair back, giving me room to stand. I watch him with dark eyes. Jack pulls me to my feet while he sits in the chair, and my dress drops to the floor. The only thing I'm wearing is a tiny black panty. Jack leans forward and presses his face to my stomach. I gasp as he breathes me in. His thumbs slip into my panties on either side of my hip, and with one swift movement, he takes them off. I stand before him nak*d. Jack is still in his clothes, white shirt still buttoned, and here I am in nothing at all. There's only one thing occupying my thoughts. I see his hard length. Looking up at him from under my lashes, I lick my lips. Jack pulls me toward him, making my heart race faster.

The way he looks at me sets me aflame. Jack takes my h*ps and guides me onto his lap. Every thought in my head vanishes. I feel his hard, sharp length fill me, as I lower myself onto him. My mouth opens, forming a little O, and I sigh as I take him in. Jack's hands slip down my back and to my bottom. He tilts my h*ps slightly and I nearly come. Gasping, I start to stand, but he pulls me back down. The movement starts my h*ps rocking again. I feel the tugging at my middle as unbridled lust shoots through me like flames. Jack reaches for my br**sts, pulling each one into his mouth, teasing me out of my mind. He sucks ruthlessly, grazing me with his teeth. When he does it, he stills my h*ps so that I can't rock. His hands hold me still, not allowing me to relieve the tension building inside of me.

Sensations swirl though me and I can't sit still anymore. I reach for his hands, trying to pry his fingers from me. I'm begging. "Jack, please."

His hands shift to my ass and I rock against him so hard, so fast, that the chair starts to shift. I don't care. I feel the craving inside me. I need him. I want him. Jack moans my name and keeps me on his lap as I rock us higher and higher. His hands dig into my hips, helping me. The heat between my legs is exquisite. I can't stop. I need him. I want him to fill me, so I slam down harder and harder on his lap, feeling him deep within me. I feel so high, so close. Jack tilts his h*ps as I slam down and my body does what it craves. I feel myself shatter, breaking into a million happy pieces, floating in sheer bliss.

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