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  » If I Stay #1: If I Stay

  » If I Stay #2: Where She Went

  » Just One Day #1: Just One Day

  » Just One Day #2: Just One Year

  » Just One Day #2.5: Just One Night

  » Leave Me

  » I Was Here

  » Sisters in Sanity

About The Author

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, I was a journalist who specialized in reporting on young people and social-justice issues. Which is a fancy way of saying I reported on all the ways that young people get treated like crap—and overcome! I started out working for Seventeen magazine, writing the kinds of articles that people (i.e. adults) never believe that Seventeen ran (on everything from child soldiers in Sierra Leone to migrant teen farm workers in the U.S.). Later on, I became a freelance journalist, writing for magazines like Details, Jane, Glamour, The Nation, Elle, Budget Travel, and Cosmopolitan.

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