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Wild Child (The Wild Ones #1.5)(11)
Author: M. Leighton

“Rusty,” I manage to say above the twirling lights and dizzying pleasure.

“I bet every man in this bar was wishing he could have a taste of you tonight, to taste that sweet come pour out of you onto his tongue. But I’m the only one who gets to taste you. I’m the one who gets to make you come tonight,” he says, the vibration of his words traveling through his lips and stimulating my pulsing flesh.

“Rusty, please.”

“Please what?” he asks. “Please eat you in front of whoever might be watching? Or please sit you up so you can ride me until your come runs down my c**k and onto this bull?”

I can’t think with him saying these things to me. I can’t breathe with him doing these things to me. All I can do is feel. And I feel need—need for Rusty’s body. Filling me up. Stretching me tight. Pushing me to the edge.

And I need it now.

“Please,” I repeat breathlessly.

Rusty’s hands leave me for a few seconds. But then he’s winding my legs around his waist, pulling me upright, and slamming me down onto his hard, thick length.

I cry out. A scream, torn from me. I can’t help it. Nothing has ever felt more perfect. Or more right.

Our loud moans of pleasure mingle. I can’t tell the sounds apart. I just know that there’s no better feeling in the world than Rusty, inside me. All around me. With me.

His hands are in my hair as he eases me up and down on him, deeper and deeper with each slow buck of the bull. I shudder against him when he takes my nipple into his mouth and sucks it hard against his tongue.

I knock his hat off and thread my fingers into his hair, holding him to me as he moves my body on his. “I hope someone’s watching when you come on me, Jenna,” he says hoarsely as he tugs my head back and sinks his blunt teeth into the flesh of my breast. “I want someone to see my mouth on these ni**les. I want someone to see your beautiful body riding my cock. I want someone to see my fingers biting into this delicious ass.”

Just then, he leans back and flexes his hips, his fingers digging into my back side. I fall more fully onto him, taking in every long, strong inch. With that one stroke, I explode into a shower of muted sounds and blurring lights. My body spasms around his, squeezing it tight, drawing it in. Rusty grinds his hips into mine before he picks me up and drops me back down onto him, one, two, three times.

Rusty’s body goes rigid beneath me and I open my eyes a crack, just in time to see him throw his head back. He lets out a growl that tingles along my nerves. Then I feel the hot pulse of his climax, pouring into me. I feel it inside me, all around me, as the shudder of his body vibrates through my core.

Still awash with sensation, I collapse against Rusty and we sway gently to the rhythm of the bull. After several long minutes, with only the sound of our heavy breathing piercing the quiet around us, Rusty lowers his head to meet my eyes. “Don’t ever take this away from me again,” he says softly.

“Don’t ever ask me to,” I reply. As we watch each other, the light shining down on the angles of Rusty’s face and the tenderness pouring out from the depths of his eyes, a swell of emotion overcomes me. “I love you,” I murmur.

Rusty says nothing. His eyes search mine as he reaches forward to stroke my cheek with his fingertips. Finally sliding his hand around to cup the nape of my neck, he pulls me toward him and captures my lips with his own. The kiss is sweet. Profound. Enigmatic. It says something. I’m just not sure what.


I ease open the unlocked front door of Trick’s house. I’m hoping he’s already in bed, sleeping off his zillion shots of Patron and his undoubtedly painful set of blue balls before his wedding in the morning. I close the door quietly behind me.

“You are the shittiest best friend ever!” he mumbles from the darkness.

“Holy mother of hell! You’re scared the piss out of me!”

With no lights on, I can barely make out Trick’s silhouette where he’s sitting at the island. I see his arm move as he tips back a bottle. He’s drinking. Again.

No sex’ll do that to a man!

“Don’t you think you ought to knock that off and get some sleep? I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to be presentable when Cami meets you at the altar.”

“Kiss my ass, man! I’m trying to drown my libido so I can honor my fiancée’s wishes. Unlike some people.”

“Hey, I’m not the one getting married, dude. I have no clue how Jenna and I ended up involved in this.”

“Because you two are our best friends. You’re supposed to do it for moral support.”

“I was doing it for moral support.”

“Then where have you been for the last two hours?”

I chuckle. “Damn, has it been that long?”

“You dawg,” Trick shouts, jumping to his feet. “You have been with Jenna!”

“I thought that’s what we were talking about.”

Trick flicks the kitchen light on and I can see that he’s grinning. “I was just yanking your chain, man. I didn’t think you’d really cave that fast. You really can’t stay away from that girl, can you?”

I hadn’t really thought of it that way. “I don’t have the same motivation as you. I’m not the one getting married. Besides, you’ve got the rest of your life to bang your wife. My time with Jenna is much more limited.”

“That’s your choice, dumb ass.”

“It’s not a choice. It’s just the way it is.”

“Just because she has interviews doesn’t mean she’s gonna take either job. Besides, there’s nothing holding you here. Nothing saying you couldn’t be with her somewhere else.”

I feel like I’ve been kicked in the teeth. Or in the chest. Jenna has interviews. And she hasn’t said a single word to me about them. I don’t really know what to say. I can tell by Trick’s expression that he knows he’s stepped in it. If he weren’t shitfaced, he’d never have told me and I’d never have known. Until she was already gone.

Why would she hide it, though? Was she just planning on bailing and never saying a word? Because that doesn’t sound like Jenna. Even though I expected her to go—eventually—I can’t imagine her doing it like that.

But still, she didn’t tell me. For a reason.

“Jenna’s in love with you, idiot.”

“Sometimes love isn’t enough.”

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