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All the Lies (Mindf*ck #4)(13)
Author: S.T. Abby

Briggs rubs his newly injured wrist, and I nudge him, forcing him inside in front of us. I’d rather talk to Kyle alone, but I don’t want them calling the sheriff in like an attack dog before I get a few words in.

“Kyle!” the other deputy shouts again.

“Yeah. Yeah. Coming,” says a voice from down the hall.

Kyle Davenport emerges, wearing nothing but a towel, and an arched eyebrow. “The fuck are you?”

He’s leaner than the other victims, but still solid, as though he works out but doesn’t want bulk. His hair is dark and hanging almost over his dark eyes. He’s tall, a lot like me.

“How about I ask you some questions,” I say with a smirk.

“These are some of the FBI guys,” the other deputy grumbles.

“Thought Dad said to keep those fuck sticks away from me,” Kyle drawls, completely unaffected by our presence.

He drops to a chair, still just wearing a towel.

“What you want with me?” he asks indifferently.

“We actually know quite a bit about you. Just wanted to get a read on the man who raped and murdered two kids when he was only nineteen. A man who also participated in a brutal assault a few nights before,” I toss out there.

Kyle’s lips twitch, but both deputies gasp.

“Hell no! You said you just wanted to talk. Not come in here and accuse him of murder,” Briggs shouts, lifting his phone.

Kyle just eyes me, his head tilting carelessly. He thinks he’s untouchable. Not even a flicker of emotion is on his face. He’s a sociopath. Not a psychopath.

He’s not our guy.

“I have all I need, Deputy,” I say as I stand.

They immediately start calling the cops, but Kyle speaks just as I get to the door.

“That sweet little brunette in town… That your girl, Agent?” Kyle asks, smirking at me when I turn around.

“Yeah.” The word is said with ease, not letting him see the rage simmering close to the surface.

He licks his lips, still smirking. “Better keep her close. Girl like that might get snatched up in a town full of bachelors.”

He expects me to lash out, probably wants me to. The veiled threat is meant to rattle me for his pleasure. It takes every ounce of effort I have not to let him win.

“Funny. I was just thinking how Lana would probably make you wish you’d never been born,” I say carelessly.

Leonard relaxes at my side, following my lead as he forces his posture to exhibit a calmness.

“Women love me,” Kyle goads. “They love everything I do to them. I bet she’d like it too.”

Leonard steps in before I can lose my cool.

“I guess you don’t watch the news, do you?” Leonard asks him, holding the door open for our exit.

“Not much time for the news,” Kyle drawls.

“Figured,” Leonard goes on. “Or you’d know that Lana is the one who killed the Boston serial killer known as the Boogeyman.”

Kyle’s smirk vanishes, and he studies us, probably searching for a lie.

“With his own knife,” I add, holding a smile that relays a darkness I’m not used to feeling.

“After he attacked her,” Leonard goes on. “He was twice her size and had raped and murdered several women. She beat the shit out of him and stabbed him, ended his life when he came for her.”

With that, Leonard walks out, and I force myself to do the same. Yeah, he exaggerated the story, but Kyle wasn’t smirking when I turned back around.

“He won’t touch her now,” Leonard says quietly.

“I should get her the fuck out of this town,” I say in a tone just barely above a whisper as we get into the vehicle, not looking back.

With all the driving, it’s already getting late now. The sun isn’t far from setting, and all I want to do is hold Lana against me and feel her safe.

“Kyle Davenport may or may not have been our serial killer back then, but I guarantee you he’s going to be one soon, if he’s not already,” Leonard says as we drive back toward the cabins.

“And he just threatened my girlfriend.”

“Like I said, he won’t do anything. Telling him she’s not some weak girl he can dominate didn’t settle well with him.”

“And if he perceives it as a challenge?” I point out.

“He’s not interested in a challenge. He wants easy,” he says on a sigh. “Lana is safer with us than alone somewhere else right now.”

I shift in my seat, driving faster through the town. “My job keeps putting her at risk.”

“Occupational hazard,” he says grimly. “She can handle it, Logan. She may be one of the few who can.”

“But how selfish is it of me to ask her to handle it?”

He doesn’t get to answer, because we’re pulling up at the cabin where the sheriff and Johnson are standing outside and waiting on me. Lana is guarding the door, her hip cocked as she smirks at them when we get out.

“Sheriff, you can say all you want, but you’re not getting by me without putting your hands on me. If you do that, I’ll press charges for assault. I don’t care if it’s your cabin. There’s a little thing called the law that you can’t search this place when it’s occupied by guests, unless said guests give you permission. I can pull it up on my phone for you, if you’d like.”

She’s poised, staring them down, and Johnson’s jaw is tight.

“You have no right to—”

“What the hell is going on here?” I demand, stepping up on the porch.

Lana wags her finger at the sheriff when he tries to barge by her. Somehow, she manages to block his path, despite his size.

“Don’t want to touch me sheriff. My phone is recording every bit of this, and I’ll make it go live.”

He looks around, and she smiles. “I’m not stupid enough to leave it in plain sight.”

“I said what the hell is going on!”

I step in front of the sheriff, shielding Lana. “You crossed a line today,” the sheriff growls. “And I got a call that you were seen buying drugs off Lenny Tolls, the local dealer. So I’m here to search your room. When I find something, I’ll be shipping your ass back to your superiors to deal with.”

“You’re fucking kidding me with this, right?” Leonard snaps.

Unbelievable. They’re getting desperate and overreaching now that I’ve talked to his son.

“I already told them that if they let Elise and them search their guys, they could come in and look,” Lana states with a sweet smile but daring eyes.

The sheriff glares at her, and my hand goes to her hip, trying to tug her back. I don’t want him viewing her as a target, damn it.

“Why would I let you fucking search me?” the sheriff barks.

“Because if you have something you plan on planting in here, then it’d be smart to have you searched. If you have nothing to hide, then why not let them search you?” Lana goes on, refusing to just shut up as she shoulders her way to my side again.

“You need a leash on her, Bennett. Now step aside if you have nothing to hide,” Johnson barks.

Lana starts to open her mouth, and I slide my hand over it, tugging her closer. She doesn’t fight me, but she does lick my fucking hand like an errant child.

“Let them search you, and I will,” I say with a shrug.

Lana relaxes at my side. She’s fucking brilliant and seriously observant.

Leonard restrains a grin.

“I’m not letting you search me,” the sheriff growls.

“Then I’m not letting you in here.”

“It’s my motherfucking cabin.”

“That the bureau has paid for and leased it until this case is solved. It’s listed under my name. To gain access, you need my permission, or a search warrant, that will have to go through several channels, considering I’m on an active case that involves corruption in this town. You’d be surprised how many people would come pay a visit when accusations like this so conveniently pop up.”

The sheriff takes a step back, his eyes narrowing to slits. He points a finger at me. “Stay the fuck away from my son. This ain’t over. I’ll get you out of my town, boy.”

“It’s SSA Bennett to you, Sheriff. Good luck with that. I’ll be busy proving you’re a corrupt, murdering, lying son of a bitch while you work on getting me out.”

He pales a little, and Lana smirks against my hand; I can feel it. Apparently she’s proud.

She should be.

He could have caused a shit-ton of problems with false bullshit getting planted in here and ‘found’ by him.

Johnson glares daggers at me.

“This is my fucking case! You’re only here as a courtesy!” Johnson snarls.

“This is my fucking team. You’re only here because you’re covering your ass. The director can only do so much for you, Johnson. It’s only a matter of time before people take notice of the attention he’s paying you and this case. Don’t push your luck.”

He curses, and I watch as he and the sheriff turn and walk away. Leonard visibly relaxes, then looks over at Lana.

“How’d you know what he was going to do?” he asks her.

She shrugs as I release her mouth completely, and wipe my wet hand on the leg of my jeans.

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